When you expect something to be one way and discover it to be another way, it can be surprising.

For example: when you go to the cafeteria you are looking forward to eating something good. You are hoping it looks something like this:

Good Food

But unfortunately, you are going to get something that looks a lot more like this:

Bad Food.jpg


Last week we had a spring break. Lots of people have expectations about what their spring break will look like. My teacher, Mr. Theriault, thought that I would spend the whole time reading and watching YouTube videos. He was wrong.

I thought that I would get my essay and homework done over the course of the break. That I would also work on a merit badge for Scouts and go camping. Play some The Legend of Zelda and Minecraft. I needed to catch up on scripture reading for Seminary.

But the reality of my spring break went a little something like this.

Me and My family went to the movie theaters to watch The Boss Baby. I worked on my essay for history. I caught up on sleep, and scripture reading. Me and the Scouts went to the store to buy food for the campout that was 2 days later; the campout was canceled due to one of the leaders getting sick. I never got to playing The Legend of Zelda or to working my merit badge for scouting. I did get to play minecraft. I got to learn how to make an omelet. I failed to first time and it became scrambled eggs, and the second one became a good omelet.